The Real Deal

Deep Cleaning

Have an extreme amount of cleaning to do? Our Deep Cleaning service starts with an 8 hour minimum. With Something in the Water Cleaning Service, clients homes will receive a deep clean service and will have the place looking new as ever.

Our Cleanings Include

As Usual

  • Natural and Eco-friendly products. And YES they work great!

  • Professional cleaning crew

  • Use of company supplies and equipment

  • Great support and service

  • *100% Satisfaction Guaranteed*


Deep House Cleaning Services Include

Next Level Service w/ 8 hour min.

  • Wipe Ceiling Fan Blades

  • De-Crumb Taoster

  • Light Bulbs Wiped

  • Wipe Window Sills

  • Curtian Tops Vacuumed

  • Grease/Grime Removed

  • Build Up Removed

  • Wipe Doors

  • Wipe Door Frames

  • Wipe Baseboards

  • Carpet Edging

  • Wipe Cabinets

  • Wipe Picture Frames

  • Back Splash Wiped

  • Shower Track Cleaned

  • Wipe Nicknacks

  • Oven Glass Cleaned

  • Clean Shower Head

  • Vacuum Furniture

  • Wipe Window Above Sink

  • Some Custom Requests


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When was the last time you had a deep house cleaning service at your home. Can't you remember? Then it's been too long! We offer the most extensive deep house cleaning service out there. This service nearly doubles the amount of time it takes to clean a home with our thorough regular cleaning option. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we are confident you will be pleased.